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It is our dream to help people achieve stability and prosperity in the most important areas of their lives, and the YOR Health product line offers people the opportunity to improve their health and discover a path to financial freedom. We seek to empower and educate people with the knowledge and tools to optimize health, live longer, and discover their potential for financial success. By providing value in our products, our research, training and customer care, we are confident we can bring value to your life.

YOR “wholistic” approach to health is an on-going journey of discovery in search of truth to ultimately live better, be healthier, and strive for wholeness. We invite you to discover how our products and opportunities can change your health and your life.

YOR Health is Committed to Excellence, Quality, and Care
AT YOR Health, we obtain the finest quality nutritional raw materials from the best domestic and global sources. Site auditing and extensive lab testing are utilized to keep our suppliers' and our own standards high. YOR lends its support for quality in the industry through high internal quality standards and education. Furthermore, external quality standards are provided through education with support of outside research.

There are many levels and steps to quality. Whether from the grower’s fields, wild-crafted herbs, fermentation, or pharmaceutical grade ingredients each raw material is subjected to inspection at many steps. The raw materials are tested for potency, impurities and microbiological burden. If they pass they are sent from the processors to distributors. At the distributor, other tests are done including: potency testing, compliance with California Prop’ 65 standards, micro testing, and other specialty analysis.

YOR Health manufacturers audit the raw materials for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance. Only then are they blended and made into finished goods. These products also undergo pre–blend, in-process and post-process testing. These tests include verifying each ingredient against a master formula, documentation of every step in the process and keeping samples of the product for Quality Control. Quality Assurance then does additional tests such as weighing the capsule or tablet for target weight, dissolve rates, container count and additional microbiological testing to assure a clean product.

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